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Paul Matonis of Matonis, Peck & Wurst, LLC

I have been an enrolled agent since 1992. I am federally licensed by the US Treasury to represent tax payers for audits, collections and appeals before the Internal Revenue Service. I specialize in working with individuals and small businesses.

I have been a major partner with Mary Peck and Jim Wurst since 1994. We do all of the tax and accounting work ourselves. My lovely wife of over 25 years, Pam, assists me with office management, bookkeeping, data entry and processing of all reports. The only time your information leaves our office is when we electronically file tax returns and when you pick up your information along with the completed reports that need to be mailed.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

The National Association of Enrolled Agents website describes an Enrolled Agent in the following way: An Enrolled Agent is a federally-authorized tax practitioner empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals. Enrolled Agents advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and any entities with tax-reporting requirements. Enrolled Agents’ expertise in the continually changing field of taxation enables them to effectively represent taxpayers audited by the IRS.

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